Tjukupati James Kunga Kutjara – Tjukupati, 2019 Tjarlirli Art – Tjukurla Community

Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 178 x 147 cm Stretched ID: #19-132KA
Price: $4750

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About this artwork

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About Tjukupati James

Tjukupati was born at a place called Alpi, which is south of docker River, very close to the ranges there. Her father's country is Wangkari which is just over the ranges from Docker River. Her mother's father passed away at Wankari. Her mother's country is west of Docker River. Tjupupati grew up at Docker River community and spent much of her youth out bush, swimming at waterholes and hunting. Her father also used to take her to Ernabella where they would sell dingo skins. She did not go to school. Tjukupati has been painting, weaving Tjanpi and carving punu for many years.