Pantjiti Lionel Malara, 2013 Ernabella Arts

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 100 x 100 cm ID: #158-13
Price: $1985

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About this artwork

This story is about a group of angry Wanampi (watersnakes/rainbow serpent) men, a warmala (revenge party).  They travelled from Kata Tjuta to Malara and then to Kuntjanu, where they found Snake Man and his wife, two kids and a baby.  The wife said, “Look at all those men.  They’ve come to spear you.” And the men speared and killed the father.  They then went to sleep in a cave as Wanampi.  They travelled further south, and found Tjakura Man preparing mingkulpa (native tobacco) and they speared him at a place near Watarru, and he died.  After that they travelled to a place with water that only dogs drink that was protected by an old man, who was very violent and bit and hit them, and they went back home hurt.  This old man still lives at Malara and gives water and meat to people who pass through there.  Malara is Pantjiti’s father’s country, and her grandmother passed away there.