Pantjiti Lionel Piltati, Ernabella Arts

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 122 x 122 cm ID: #164-11
Price: $2770

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About this artwork

There were two sisters who married two brothers and they all lived together. One day the women went wandering and they wens such a long way that they forgot about their husbands. Back at the camp the two husbands were thinking, ‘where are our wives?” and they decided to go looking for them. One brother said to the other, ‘what should become to go looking for them?’ and the other brother said ‘why dont we become rainbow serpents?’ And they travelled i the sky looking down for their wives. Finally they see them hunting for carpet snakes and they put something in the hole where the women were digging. The women find it and then dig another hole and once again the men have put something in there. And this is how the men lure the women back to Piltati where the men make the sisters transform into Wanampi, swallow them and keep them in their throats. All four live together in the waterhole and still live.