Hughie Ahwon Tribal Voice, Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Medium: Ochre and natural pigments on canvas Size: 76 x 76 cm ID: #5353-16
Price: $3950

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About this artwork

The structure of leadership within a tribe entails tribal voices. The older males or senior elders keep a watchful eye over the clan, ensuring that its people stay in line or follow the law of the land and their culture. Then there are the hunters and warriors. They listen to what the elders have to say and then apply or undertake their instructions. Quite often the strongest and wisest warrior is a potential leader and learns to be a leader be it out of hunting, walkabout and sometimes by threatening other tribes. Here the elders are represented below the young men of the tribe and the young warrior stands above them all.

Wunambul and Kwini Wandjina stands witness to all.

About Hughie Ahwon

Hughie Ahwon is an Aboriginal man of Djubudja skin. His people are Warrnambool/Wunambal and Kwini tribe from north eastern Kimberley region. He carries on the artistic tradition of his people as has always been done passed from generation to generation. He started to paint to share what he had been taught about his culture. He paints with ochre and mixed medium. Hughie was born on Creswell downs Station in the Barkley tablelands NT in 1965. His father was a stockman from Spring Creek WA and his mother was from Borroloola NT. Hughie was raised in Wyndham. Hughie started painting in 2007 inspired by the skilled boab carvers in Wyndham. His mentor was Octa Carroll (father of senior ochre artist Tommy Carroll). Hughie has been represented by Waringarri Artists since 2008.