Charlotte Phillipus Naparula

Charlotte is the eldest daughter of Long Jack Phillipus Jakamarra and his first wife Suzette Napaltjarri, who was the daughter of important Pintupi elder Kamutu. Charlotte is a talented and eclectic artist. The main theme of her paintings is the Kalipinypa water dreaming that Charlotte, like her sisters, inherited from her father. Charlotte has developed her own unique and meticulous version of Kalipinypa water dreaming that focuses on the Tali (sand) aspect of her country. She also paints her own distinct style of "children's stories" that she developed when working at the Papunya School. Occasionally charlotte will apply her children's stories as dot paintings on canvas. She hopes to one day publish a book of her children's stories and paintings.

2018 Finalist, NATSIAA, MAGNT, Darwin, NT