Imitjala Curley

Imitjala was born in 1953 when her parents were at the Ernabella mission but the family moved to Fregon as soon as the cattle station was established in 1961. A senior traditional women, Imitjala holds cultural knowledge relating to the Ngintaka, Perentie lizard, and Ngapari -sugar leaf- tjukurpa at Watarru. Her connection to the Kampurparpa tjukurpa in the Walytjitjata region is through her mother, Puni Puni. It is a small homeland just over the Northern Territory border about 46km north of Kalka on the APY Lands.
Imitjala was married to Kun Curley (dec) and has five children, all girls. She has been working intermittently with Kaltjiti Arts since it began as a craft room in the early sixties.