Manyitjanu Lennon

Manyitjanu Lennon is from Watinuma Community on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara/ Yankunytjatjara Lands, 350km SE of ULURU. Originally she was from the north of Watarru around Aralya and Kunytjanu. Like many people of her era, Manyitjanu was born in the desert when her family were walking around, living a traditional nomadic life.
After ceremony time, and as an early school age girl, her aunties took her from Watarru back to Ernabella. She later returned to Pipalyatjara with Winifred Hilliard many years later when they were helping people out west, taking them clothes and food.
She also learnt numerous arts and crafts such as making moccasins and cushions out of kangaroo skins, spinning and dying wool, batik tie dying and wool carving (punu) at the Ernabella Arts Centre. Currently she is involved in basket weaving and painting on canvas.
She married and moved to Fregon when it was established in 1961. She was involved in the Fregon Choir, helped set up the Fregon Craft room, as well as the Fregon School with Nancy Sheppard. She has five children and four grandchildren.
Manyitjanu has recently returned to the arts centre to paint the stories from her country including the Seven Sisters and Mamungari’nya, She also paints landscapes from around Aralya and Kunytjanu. Her style is quite unique, characterised by bold and energetic use of colour.