Ngamaru Bidu

Ngamaru was born at Martilirri (Well 22 on the Canning Stock Route), the eldest of four siblings. As a child, Ngamaru walked around with her family, moving from water source to water source dependent on the seasonal rain cycles.

Whilst walking Country, two Martu people and some whitefellas came in a Toyota motorcar, tracking and chasing the family. Though they managed to stay ahead of their pursuers for a long period, they were finally caught by the whitefellas at Parnngurr Rockhole, and from here taken to Jigalong Mission. She met her husband at Strelley Community and later moved to Warralong, Punmu and finally Parnngurr, where she lives now. Ngamaru has four children and three grandchildren.

Born c. 1949