Winnie Sampi

‘I was born in Carnarvon in 1948. My mother is Yindjibarndi. I went to school in Onslow, moved to Broome in the 1980s and I now live in Port Hedland.

I used to really enjoy going out to the stations on Christmas holidays at Red Hill. We used to go hunting and fishing in the little pools. I used to do housework out at the stations – cooking and cleaning – it was easy, not that hard work. I enjoyed it. I've got a big mob of kids and grannies, don't ask me how many, they spread all over everywhere.

I started painting in 2008 with the Spinifex Hill Artists. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! I picked it up as I was going along. I reckon you gotta teach yourself as you go along. Say I wanted to do an anthill, I don’t know how to do that! I have to guess how it should look, how the little holes look, it’s the same with everything. I’m learning how to look.

I don’t know how I choose my landscapes. I don’t work from photos. When I paint I travel back to the place. This is how I see 'em.’

- courtesy of Spinifex Hill Studio website