Bill Anderson Kamina, 2009 Spinifex Arts Project

Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 90 x 140 cm ID: #C771
Price: $6000

    About Bill Anderson

    Bill Anderson, a senior traditional owner in Spinifex country was born in the Great Victoria Desert, WA at a rockhole known as Kamina. Bill's birthplace and country sit close to a hugely important area called Miramiratjara, a sacred place of enormous red sandhills with permanent underground water supply. To Spinifex traditional owners Miramiratjara is a dangerous place that cannot really be spoken about. What can be said is that when visiting Miramiratjara, it must be in the presence of the old people who know how to smoke and passify the snakes. Bill lived around this area as a boy with his parents and other family groups and noted that his mother is buried around this area. Bill can name many of the surrounding sites such as Mulpula, Paltijimarta, Pur Pur, Kamina, Bunti, Karlatjuti, Alkara, Anmangu, Miyri and Tolu. The Wati Lungkata Tjukurpa (blue tongue lizard) runs through this area, Bill's father's country. Bill was given a birthdate of around 1938 after he walked into Cundalee Mission in the 1950's as a young, unmarried but initiated man. Like most of the Spinifex people, Bill lived temporarily at Cundalee whilst continuing a traditional lifestyle, travelling great distances for ceremony and ritualistic cycles. It is not entirely clear exactly where Bill spent time in later years but it is widely known that he lived in Coolgardie for a number of years looking after Men's sites in the area as well as living over the border in South Australia with family. He talks about working on stations in SA and was a keen horse rider. In 1998 soon after the Spinifex Arts Project began, Bill became involved in painting. He was very vocal in the decision that there should be two Native Title paintings, so that Mens and Womens business could be recorded separately and painted with an acceptable distance when discussing sacred aspects of Tjukurpa. After this inititial involvement Bill was keen to participate in bush trips to paint in country where he collaborated with other men including Fred Grant and Wilbur Brookes. Although Bill is seventy years old and less mobile, his painting has developed considerably. He is passionate and vocal about most things including painting and Bill enjoys recounting his country and his mother's and father's country in great detail in his paintings. He is a most valuable member of mens collaborative works due to his status and wealth of knowledge. Collections National Gallery of Victoria