Elizabeth Dunn Kampurara – Bush Tomatoes, 2022 Ernabella Arts

Medium: Ceramic Size: 13.5 x 10.5ø cm ID: #545C-22
Price: $365

    About this artwork

    Kampurara – bush tomatoes. Until recently, bush foods were the primary sustenance for Anangu Pitjantjatjara who spent long hours gathering them. Most foods, such as tjala/honey-ants, maku/witchetty grubs and kampurarpa/bush-tomatoes are gathered by women. Although many bush foods are still gathered regularly, they are not relied upon to the same extent. The art of gathering bush foods involves intricate knowledge systems into which women are inducted over the course of their lives. Many songs and dances relate to the gathering and maintaining supply of bush foods.

    About Elizabeth Dunn

    Elizabeth was born in Ernabella in 1973. She went to high school in Adelaide before returning home. She spent her childhood watching her elders paint and now depicts her grandmothers country, a place named Piltati near Nyapari, on canvas and ceramics. She also depicts stories relating to Kampurara - Bush Tomatoes. She is also a talented Tjanpi weaver and jeweller. She first began painting at Papunya Tjupi Arts in Papunya community. In August 2016 Elizabeth's ceramic work was exhibited alongside seven other Ernabella women in a collaborative ceramics installation as part of the Indigenous Ceramics Art Award at the Shepparton Art Museum and subsequently acquired by the National Museum of Australia.