Lennard Walker Kulyuru, 2023 Spinifex Arts Project

Medium: Acrylic on Linen Size: 137 x 90 cm ID: #23-433
Price: $3640

    About this artwork

    Lennard Walker dives easily into his depiction of the significant site of Kulyuru, situated in the northeastern area of the Great Victoria Desert. As well as being a physically majestic deep rocky gorge that holds a large water source, it also forms part of the Kungarangkalpa Tjukurpa (Seven Sisters Creation Line). This is a far reaching narrative that traverses great swathes of Spinifex Country as it follows the journey of a group of young women as they evade the lustful pursuit of an older man, Wati Nyiru. Nyiru has the metamorphic powers of transformation and is constantly tricking the women on their travels. At Kulyuru, the women see the tracks of a prized food – a Kunyia (carpet python) and begin vigorously digging for it, only to find after catching, cooking and ingesting the snake, that it was Nyiru all along. The women then vomit the kunyia back up and make their escape to nearby Minyma Ngampi where they complete their journey by flying up into the sky to become the Pleiades star cluster.