Daisybell Kulyuru Minyma Kutjara / Two Women Near Ernabella, 2024 Ernabella Arts

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 70 x 120 cm ID: #176-24

    About this artwork

    There are many stories about the two sisters (Minyma Kutjara). This part of the story is siginificant to the women of Ernabella. There was a gathering of minyma mingkiri (mouse women) at a hill called Yunanpa, which is near Ngarutjara (to the north of Ernabella). They are all collecting bushfoods together when the two sisters decide to go travelling. They travel to several water places to the north and east of Ernabella including Alalka. They keep going until they get to Wamitjara, a waterhole near Kenmore park. Here they come across a man sleeping. They hit him over the head with their wana (digging stick) and knock him unconscious. Then they tie up his arms and legs and head towards Alice Springs, carrying him between them. They sing and dance sacred women’s stories all the way. They leave him at Stuart’s Well, and continue on to Alice Springs to meet up with a large group of women.