Tjimpayi Presley Ngayuku ngura – My Country, 2022 Gallery Collection

Medium: Acrylic on Linen Size: 122 x 198 cm RESERVED ID: #470-22
Price: $8000

    About this artwork

    In this painting Tjimpayi has depicted her country. The different colours and designs represent variations in the landscape.

    About Tjimpayi Presley

    Tjimpayi Presley is the daughter of Kunmanara Tjampawa Katie Kawiny who was an Elder and Senior artist at Tjala Arts. As well as creating her own works, Tjimpayi paints on collaborative canvases with Naomi Kantjuriny and Kunmanara (Mona) Mitakiki. Together these ladies learned to paint under the guidance of Kunmanara Kawiny who has passed away now, but the younger women and their granddaughters keep her story alive through their practice for future generations.