Alkawari Dawson Ninum Rockhole, Irrunytju

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 81 x 64 cm ID: #IRRAD02218

    About Alkawari Dawson

    Alkawari Dawson b. 1930 died 2010 Also known as Alkuwari Dawson Artist (Printmaker), Artist (Painter)Senior Ngaanyatjarra artist whose paintings depict the Kalaya Wati (Emu Man) Dreaming of her country in the Warburton Ranges region.Using a dark background, a vibrant colour palette and a wide range of expressive brushstrokes and punu marks, Alkawari evokes the darkness and fears of the night in her paintings. The locations of the rockhole, the women’s camp, the wiltja and tjukurpa tracks are incorporated into the structure of the work. Erratic emu tracks, writhing lines, sprays of dots and intense colours suggest snakes and mamus (devils or monsters) lurking in deep shadows; sparks from camp fires; shining dogs’ eyes; and the helter-skelter panic of baby emus.Alkawari's work is in the collection of the Art Gallery of Western Australia