Angampa Martin Pukara, 2009 Ninuku Artists

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 121 x 121 cm RESERVED ID: #09553
Price: $5000

    About Angampa Martin

    Angampa Martin was born c. 1940 at Watala, a rockhole south west of Irrunytju. As a child she lived in the bush and later travelled to Ernabella where she was instructed in the art of spinning and weaving rugs. Earlier in her childhood Angampa had learnt to spin human hair using the fragile hand-hled spindle (made of twigs) to make ceremonial waistbands and headbands. Angampa is a founding artist of Irrunytju Arts, WA. She has a deep knowledge and authority of Tjukurpa and uses this to paint the Wati Kutjara Wanampi story: Two Watersnake Men Dreaming. She is also a skilled basket weaver in her own right. In 2009, Angampa joined Ninuku Arts and she has quickly become one of the most dynamic and revered senior ladies at the Art Centre. Her lively compositions and vibrant use of colour has projected her onto the contemporary art market with great force.