Maureen Donnegan Pupinya, 2024 Spinifex Arts Project

Medium: Acrylic on Linen Size: 110 x 85 cm ID: #24-138
Price: $1220

    About this artwork

    This is my story about life in Spinifex country in the early days at Pupinya. Kapi kutjara two water holes there. This is the women moving around the country. They have made a wiltja traditional shelter. The women have been dancing Inma ceremonial dancing. They are drawn as the semi circular shapes in the painting, depicting the body print left from where they were sitting. They leave behind tracks in the sand as they shuffle forward all in a line, performing the traditional dance. Dancing in this women’s style is called nyanpinyi. There are women with wira wooden collecting bowls filled with Wayanu quandongs and maku witchetty grubs for dinner. This desert is like a garden full of food for people knowledgeable enough to see. This is how the old people lived before communities. My mother Kanta Donnegan lived like this. She’s a real bush lady. Ninti pulka, with a lot of knowledge.