Nancy Carnegie Tika Tika 2013, 2013 Kayili Artists

Medium: Acrylic on Board Size: 40 x 30 cm ID: #13-044
Price: $350

    About this artwork

    Tika Tika rockholes are south of Patjarr, there are eight rockholes there. They were made by Ngirntaka the perenti goanna ancestor who travelled from the west to Warburton. He was digging around hunting for tingka (sand goanna) for food. He found two tingka to eat. He stopped one night and kept going in the morning. People were camping at Tika Tika before Patjarr community was developed. Nancy lived there as a young girl and walked around with her uncles and aunties, hunting and learning. They often walked from yalara rockholes to Tika Tika carrying water in a wooden dish called a kilpi.