Imiyari Yilpi Adamson Tjitji Tjuta Walytjata, 2023 Ernabella Arts

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 98 x 98 cm ID: #572-23
Price: $2400

    About this artwork

    This Tjukurpa is from a place called Walytjata near Pipalyatjara. It’s a true story. You can see all the kids sitting there in the cave. The mother left and told the kids to stay there, but she never came back. It’s a sad story. The older brother, he was looking after everyone. He would go out hunting for malu (kangaroo), kalaya (emu) and bring back the kuka (meat) for all the kids.

    About Imiyari Yilpi Adamson

    Iimiyari was born in Ernabella in 1954. She is an accomplished painter and weaver, who has work in the collection of the National Museum of Australia and the National Museum of Scotland.