Yanyi Dunn Tjukula / Waterholes, 2024 Ernabella Arts

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 50 x 120 cm ID: #177-24
Price: $1500

    About this artwork

    For the Pitjantjatjara people living in the desert, knowledge of their water sources was critical to their survival. This resulted in an intimate understanding of the landscape which continues today. Water is an essential element in the desert. These rock holes were particularly important during the dry season when most of the water holes and creeks dried up. Deep familiarity with the topography of their country and the way rain would interact with the land ensured constant sources of water could be found. Knowledge of rock hole sites is passed on from generation to generation and revered by all Anangu (people).

    Tjukula means rock-holes, which are found with surprising frequency in the Musgrave Ranges and country around Ernabella. Between visits, Anangu would use a construction of rocks and spinifex to guard these important water sources from spoilage by feral and stock animals such as cattle, camels, horses and donkeys.

    About Yanyi Dunn

    Yanyi is an early career artist. She often paints with her sister, the well known Ernabella artist Elizabeth Dunn. Yanyi was born in Ernabella and went to high school in Adelaide before returning home. She spent her childhood watching her elders paint and now depicts her grandmother's country, a place named Piltati near Nyapari, on canvas. She also paints stories relating to bush foods such as kampurara - bush tomatoes and tjukula - waterholes. Yanyi is also a talented tjanpi weaver and jeweller. courtesy - Ernabella Arts