Latisha Nowee Tjurnu, 2020 Balgo-Warlayirti Artists

Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 120 x 60 cm ID: #619-20
Price: $2750

    About this artwork

    Latisha is the daughter of artist Theresa Nowee, she is part of the esteemed family, granddaughter of the late Brandy Tjungurrayi and Nowee Nangala.

    This painting is a story of her grandmother’s country located near Wirrimanu (Balgo). Reflecting the landscape, Layisha depicts Tjurnu, a sacred rock surrounded by features of the land including spinifex grasses and desert trees. This country also nutures readily found bush tucker – Pura (bush tomatoes), Kantijilyi (raisins) and delicious black berries.

    About Latisha Nowee

    Biography My name is Latisha Nowee Reid. I am doing painting for my grandmother and my grandfather's country near Canning Stock Route, west of Nyirnmi. I am doing bush tucker and Tjurnu soak water.