Alfonso Puautjimi Truck Houses Planes, 2021 Ngaruwanajirri Inc.

Medium: Print Size: Image 28x19.5cm Paper 40x35cm ID: #796-21-4/30
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    About Alfonso Puautjimi

    Alfonso has been painting with Ngaruwanajirri Artists since 1997. His chosen media are natural ochres on Arches paper, acrylic and natural ochres on canvas, batik on silk and lino block design. His subject matter is drawn from the environment and includes, tutini (funeral poles), still life composition of carved birds, figures and faces, landscapes, modes of transport (aeroplanes, water vessels, and cars) and the built environment. The concept of place and home were also the subject of a series of paintings executed several years ago, featuring two story houses contrasting sharply with the size and design with the predominantly one-story houses seen in Darwin and the Tiwi islands. Alfonso has exhibited regularly in group exhibitions in Australia since 2002. His work is represented in the Bachelor Institute of Indigenous Ed Art Collection, The Lam Collection, University of San Antonio Texas, the Charles Darwin university Art Collection and private collections throughout Australia and overseas.