Francie Ingkatji Wanampi Mankur Mankurpa Kutjara Kutjara, 2023 Ernabella Arts

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 121 x 121 cm ID: #523-23
Price: $3380

    About this artwork

    The title of this painting is Ten Rainbow Serpent Stories.

    These ten places are for Anangu (people) to drink, wanampi drink separately. Wanampi do not walk like Anangu, they move like a whip. The wanampi mother and father stay separately, not going anywhere, but the tjitji tjuta (many children) are playing around them. They make friends.

    About Francie Ingkatji

    Born in 1975, Francie Ingkatji comes from Ernabella Community in the far north-west of South Australia. A talented artist and craftswoman, she is also part of the highly respected dancers “The Seven Sisters”, performing at the 2018 NAIDOC week celebrations as part of the exhibit “Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters”.