Hector Jandany Warlwarljany Country, Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Medium: Print Size: 34 x 55 cm framed ID: #PM58-20/40
Price: $1100

    About this artwork

    This print shows a place called Warlwarljany in Ngarrgooroon, the artist’s traditional country east of Warmun (Turkey Creek), Western Australia. Warlwarljany is good hunting country for kangaroos. The crescent and rectangular shaped motifs at the centre are clearings where lots of kangaroos live. Above them is clear country with lots of springs in the riverbed. At the top are hills where people used to climb up and look for kangaroos. There are lots of places in these hills where you can trap kangaroos and kill them with clubs or stones. You can also find lots of ‘porcupines” (echidnas), emus, bush turkeys, and goannas there. When he was a young man, the artist and his family used to camp there and go hunting.