Nancy Carnegie Wati Kinara 2013, 2013 Kayili Artists – Gibson Desert

Medium: Acrylic on Board Size: 40 x 30 cm ID: #13-045
Price: $350

    About this artwork

    Wati Kinara, the moon man, was travelling from the north when he came to Yarrata, a large creek bed. Sitting around the creek were a group of beautiful girls, kunia people (quiet snakes). There was a tjitarri (a grey snake) and nuna (a red snake) amongst others. A big carpet snake – Purnpa, was looking after the girls. It was winter and cold so they were sitting in one place. Kinara was struck by the beauty of the girls and kept hanging around, staring and following the girls around. The girls started to tease him going around saying he wanted to marry one of the girls.As he was walking around stalking the girls one day he got a bad cramp (which may have been magic one from Purnpa) and he couldn’t walk, so he was lying down dragging himself, crawling along creating a creek bed as he travelled. He grew tired and lay down making a claypan. Being winter he was cold so he made a small wiltja – windbreak – and sat huddled up in a ball growing colder and colder and glowing whiter and whiter. The girls were happy he had gone away, but are always worried he might come back.