Anniebell Marrngamarrnga Yawk Yawk, 2018 Maningrida Arts and Culture

Medium: Fibre Sculpture Size: 228 x 80 x 3 cm ID: #269-18
Price: $8000

    About Anniebell Marrngamarrnga

    Biography I learnt how to weave from my mother, Nancy Djulumba, who passed away a long time ago [1995]. I first made coiled baskets, twined bags and string bags. I then learned how to paint from my husband [Dick Nadjolorro]. My favourite subject is the yawkyawk spirit who lives in the water at Kubumi. It is my husband’s Dreaming. I represent her in my bark paintings, in my timber carvings and also in my weaving. I came with the idea to make flat yawkyawk from pandanus [Pandanus spiralis]. My husband helps me to build the bamboo frame and I then weave with colourful pandanus in the same technique I used when making twined bags. I use lots of different colours and I like it. Colours are important in my work. – Anniebell Marrngamarrnga, interview by Apolline Kohen at Maningrida Arts and Culture, 12 February 2007