Body Marks

It is easy to look at these paintings from Milingimbi Artists, with their clean lines and block colours and assume they are a "modern" response to a traditional aesthetic. That is not the case. They represent the important clan designs painted on the body during the Ngarra cleansing ceremony. The simple red (Miku), white (Watharr) and yellow (Buthjalak) stripes held a meaning traditionally known only to initiated Lliyagauwumirr men. The ability to paint their clan designs was taken up by the women artists after 2006 with the death of the elder Durrng who passed on the responsibility for keeping the stories to Ruth Nalmakarra. These paintings ensure the stories are kept strong.

Featured Artists

Francis Rrikili,  Joe Dhamanydji,  Margaret Mawurra,  Sandra Manydjurrpuy,  Raymond Bulambula,  Margaret Rarru,  Helen Ganalmirriwuy,