Single Owner Sale

Our client is a passionate art collector, both of First Nations work and Australian contemporary art. During the period of 2000 - 2010, she was particularly active in purchasing paintings from artists who were emerging at the time, both directly from communities as well as galleries opening back then around Australia. The paintings in this group have been held unstretched (until now) and the artists have gone on to become some of Australia's important, with their work held in many private and public collections. Wakartu Cory Surprise, Dickie Minyintiri, Carol Maanyatja Golding, Tiger Palpatja, Tjungkara Ken and Eileen Yaritja Stevens are just some of our favourites and you'll find them all - and more - in this collection now on offer.

Most of the paintings were purchased from Randall Lane Fine Art and Brigitte Braun Gallery both in Perth at the time, and Marshall Arts when it was in Adelaide.

These paintings may well fill some gaps in a number of collections or become the igniting spark for the beginning of yours!