Spinifex Arts Project in Margaret River

For the first time in Margaret River, we are delighted to present paintings from Spinifex Arts Project situated at Tjutjuntjara, in the heart of the Great Victoria Desert, the largest desert region in Australia. The Arts Project started in 1997 when paintings were made which were used to establish a claim by the community to Native Title of the area. Such was the significance of these first paintings (collaboratives painted by the men and women), they are included in the preamble of the decree Granting Native title to the area. From this auspicious start the art movement has developed and paintings from this community are recognised as being significant not only in their artist merit but as recordings of the great stories of the country on which many of the artist have walked for years. When clicking on the paintings make sure you read the story, it is as important as the art work. Paintings from Tjuntjuntjara are included in major public and private collections in Australia and overseas.