Arthur Robertson Untitled, 2004 Kayili Artists – Gibson Desert

Medium: Acrylic on Linen Size: 101 x 58 cm ID: #04-140
Price: $2200

    About Arthur Robertson

    Arthur went to school in Warburton. His father's country is east of Warakurna, north of Blackstone. His mother's country is west of Patjarr. Arthur's big brother went to Warburton after he went through customary law. Arthur works with acrylic and canvas and linen, and slumped glass panels. Arthur Paints Tingarri, Murutjunku (north of Patjarr), Tjinytjira (west of Patjarr), Walunya (north of Blackstone), Ngatu (north of Jameson), Yunbalara (west of Patjarr), Tjiraranya (north of Wanarn). COLLECTIONS Powerhouse Museum Sydney, National Gallery of Victoria, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art Lagerburg-Swift Collection, Gavan Fox Collection, Bremen Museum Germany, B Myer Collection Melbourne, Collection Arts d'Australie - Steven Jacobs Paris, Warburton Community Collection, The Marshall Collection