Lily Karadada Wandjina, Mowanjum Art and Cultural Centre

Medium: Etching Size: 140 x 102 cm ID: #LKNG10-10-11/15
Price: $5000

    About Lily Karadada

    Lily Karadada (Mindindil) was born in the Prince Regent River area c1921. From her father's country, Woombangowangoorr, she travelled with her mother and family to the Mitchell Plateau. She married Jack Karadada and eventually settled in the small settlement of Kalumburu. Lily is one of Australia's most important contemporary aboriginal artists. Renowned for her depiction of the Wandjina, a spirit figure of the North Kimberley region. Her paintings, carvings and prints utilise this potent figure, often surrounded by totems of dilly bags, turtles, bush turkeys, snakes or rock pools. Lily has received many accolades for her artwork. She was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal for Contribution to Art in 2003. Her artwork has been included in many important public exhibitions and has been acquired for significant collections including: National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of South Australia, Christensen Collection, Museum of Victoria, Flinders University Art Museum, Artbank, Queensland Art Gallery and Berndt Museum of Anthropology.