Buying & Selling


Whether you are an experienced purchaser of aboriginal art or a beginner, we are able to help you acquire work that will suit your situation.

If you are a beginner in this area, we will be happy to “walk you through” the various areas from where aboriginal art is produced and explain the differences to you. Almost all the paintings sold by us have been painted in aboriginal owned and run art centres and therefore ethically sourced. They each come with a certificate of authenticity.

For the collector, we are selling work from two large private collections, as well as sourcing work from art centres. While most of the paintings we have in stock are promoted through our website or newsletter, there are private sales of work where we know a particular client is looking for a certain artist and the painting has been sold without being published on our website.

We recommend that if you are looking for a particular artists or work from a particular area, that you let us know and we can keep a look out for the work for you. Sometimes the paining will come up for sale at an auction. We will be happy to bid at auction for you should you wish us to do so.

Maningrida Art Centre


We do sell some paintings on consignment. Before we take a painting on consignment, we need to be satisfied as to its provenance and authenticity. We suggest you contact Julienne if you wish to sell.

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