Tjungu Palya Print Series, 2009

Printed by Basil Hall Editions, Darwin
Tjungu Palya, Nyapari Community, Northern Territory
Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
The Collection of Bonita Croft and the Late Gene Zemaitis, Sydney

In 2008, manager Amanda Dent and the artists of Tjungu Palya art centre at Nyapari decided to produce a series of silkscreen prints of the traditional dreamings of each artist. Master printmaker Basil Hall was invited to Nyapari to work with the artists, and on his return to Darwin printed 40 sets of the 10 prints at Basil Hall Editions. The artists involved included senior artists such as Jimmy Baker, Nyankulya Watson, Ginger Wikilyiri and Wingu Tingima, and emerging – but not necessarily young – artists such as David Miller, Beryl Jimmy, Angkaliya Curtis and Lance Peck. At this time Tjungu Palya was the most successful art centre in the APY Lands, with many artists being strongly sought after and their prices rising. Producing prints was a strategy to make the work of artists from Tjungu Palya available to collectors who could not afford paintings. The series was exhibited widely at the galleries that represented Tjungu Palya, including Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne, Marshall Arts, Adelaide and Randall Lane Gallery, Perth.