Josh Koomal Whiteland Boya Biddi (Rocky trail), 2023 Gallery Collection

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 40 x 40 cm ID: #8231JK
Price: $690

    About this artwork

    A journey through boya biddi boodja, rocky trail country. Symbols represent families utilising stones along the trail and often leaving them in special places for seasonal use.

    About Josh Koomal Whiteland

    "Koomal", the Wadandi word for brushtail possum, is the traditional name of Wadandi man Josh Whiteland and the totem chosen for him by his Elders. Josh was born in Busselton, Western Australia and grew up surrounded by family, culture and a deep understanding of connection to country. Passionate, learned and spiritually aware, Josh has a personal commitment to sharing his knowledge of his culture and lore with visitors to his cultural homeland.