Dickie Minyintiri (c.1915-2014) Kangaroo Tracks, Ernabella Arts

Medium: Screenprint Size: 56 x 76 cm ID: #DMPR002-08-20/20
Price: $365

    About Dickie Minyintiri (c.1915-2014)

    Dickie Minyintiri (c.1915 – 2014) was an Australian Aboriginal artist from Pukatja, South Australia. He began painting in 2005, when he was about 90 years old. He is now one of central Australia's most successful artists, after winning the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award in 2011. He was said to be the oldest artist at Pukatja,[2][3] and also the community's most senior lawman (a keeper of Tjukurpa or sacred knowledge)