Jeanie Napangardi Lewis Mina Mina Jukurrpa, 2022 Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation

Medium: Acrylic on Linen Size: 76 x 46 cm ID: #3491/22
Price: $525

    About this artwork

    Mina Mina is an extremely important ceremonial site for Napangardi and Napanangka women that is located approximately 600kms west of Yuendumu, just east of Lake Mackay and the WA border. The area has a ‘marluri’ (salt lake or claypan) that is usually dry, without water. There are also a number of ‘mulju’ (soakages), sandhillls and a large stand of ‘kurrkara’ (desert oaks [Allocasuarina decaisneana]). The Mina Mina Jurkurrpa is an important source of Warlpiri ritual knowledge and social organisation, particularly relating to the different roles performed by men and women.