Anmanari Brown Minyma Tjuta, Spinifex Arts Project

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 65 x 42 cm (stretched) ID: #13072
Price: $1050

    About this artwork

    Anmanari is a senior Spinifex woman who has cultural responsibilities for a major site in the north of spinifex country, Kuruala. This is a very sacred place which holds important women’s stories. Kuruala is located between the present day communities of Tjuntjuntjara, Papulankutja and Irrunytju and for different periods of her life she has resided in all these communities and being a participating artist in the local art centres. She now resides in Tjuntjuntjara with her children and grandchildren. The seven sisters is a major western desert story explaining the constellation Pleiades in the southern sky which involves a close knit group of women travelling through the desert on a journey from west to east. The women are being pursued by a “cheeky” old man who is in pursuit of a wife. This is a “big” story and involves much private and public detail and is usually painted during a lot of discussion and ritual singing.