Ian Rictor Pila Nguru, 2024 Spinifex Arts Project

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 110 x 85 cm (stretched) ID: #24-167
Price: $2590

    About this artwork

    Ian Rictor paints with a quiet reverence for the country that he depicts, from his relatively recent nomadic movements over the endless interior that makes up Spinifex Lands. Ian walked from water source to food source and beyond, this was a cultural and family existence for survival in an arid land before his family were found and ‘brought in’ by relatives in late 1986: making them the last known traditional hunter gatherer in Australia. But with his recent series of paintings, Ian has explored the creative possibilities of the composition. Here, he depicts the malu (kangaroo) and places them in a native bush setting surrounded by many rock holes. This is a depiction of not just sustainability but a bountiful landscape that is known and lived in.