Katie Brown Purpurnya, 2024 Spinifex Arts Project

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 95 x 85 cm ID: #24-34
Price: $1045

    About this artwork

    Katie has depicted the significant site of Pur-Pur situated on the northern extremes of Spinifex Lands. It is here at Pur-Pur where two epic songlines pass through the lush, soft sand country that surrounds the site. Katie has painted the Wati Kutjara Tjukurpa (Two Men Creation Line) an epic narrative that follows the journey of a father and son who move through Spinifex Country on ceremonial business and stop at Pur-Pur on their way south. They are a father and son wanampi (ancestral serpent beings) from Pukara, who transformed the geographical formations of the land as they travelled through it. There is no road in here. Purpurnya is located the other side of Kapiwiyatjara, past the lake. The salt lake chain is depicted by the white circular motifs. The brown area is the rocky country to the edge of the site. This is several hundred kilometres north of the present-day community of Tjuntjuntjara.

    Katie’s mother Anmanari Brown was born at Purpurnya.

    About Katie Brown

    The daughter of senior artist Anmanari Brown, Katie has been instrumental in the Milpa Project Space and the sign language project Mara Wangkapai, where her manual language and teaching skills are invaluable. She is fluent in three desert languages andis a brilliant teacher of language and culture. She has been working and painting at Spinifex Arts Project, sharing her ancestral stories.