Nancy Carnegie Kurrkapi Tjukurpa, 2010 Kayili Artists

Medium: Acrylic on Linen Size: 102 x 152 cm ID: #10-040
Price: $3120

    About this artwork

    All the mala (rufous hare – wallaby) stayed here by Purnupa a big rockhole in the Tjukurrpa. One powerful man was staying here as well. He grabbed all the skinny people, and threw them a long way. Then he grabbed all the fat people, the good people, and threw them close up. The skinny people moved away, to another country. The fat people stayed, and made this country good. They turned into tall trees. We call these trees kurrkapi (desert oak). This rockhole is a very important and strong place. There is water deep below. To reach it, people place a long tree in the rockhole, using it like a ladder. Tjukurrpa – physical feature or part of the countryside associated with a dreamtime story: Character from a dreamtime story. (From Ngaanyatjarra and Ngatjatjarra to English Dictionary, IAD Press.)